Wasiq is an educationist and the Head of Performing Arts Faculty in an inner London secondary school. Before this he has worked as Head of Music and a music teacher in both state and academy schools. In addition to this, he has worked on a 3 year project in a music studio with teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Wasiq specialises in leadership and change management theory, inspection, evaluation and accountability systems. Blog posts will centre around those issues, or within a theoretical framework that bridges them together. It is encouraged that as a result of these blogs, many teachers and educationists build on this work, whether it is through practice or developing further research, and report their experiences.

Wasiq has a MA in Leadership from University College London and a BA in Music Technology. In addition to this, Wasiq is a regular runner and runs 2 - 3 full marathons a year. Wasiq has a keen interest in philosophy and politics as well an appreciation for Tolkien.

Wasiq is keen to emphasise that he is from an ethnic minority background and is Muslim by faith, this is because he feels that within his area of expertise, this combination is hugely underrepresented. Wasiq hopes to offer those wishing to follow their dreams and aspirations to always remember that your background is not a block to achieving what you want.