The Change In The Nature Of Inspection – How Should We Deal With It?

By | July 9, 2017

The Change In The Nature Of Inspection – How Should We Deal With It?

The chief inspector of Ofsted has made the case that the nature of inspections will change and this will be reflected in the Ofsted Framework from 2019. The change from what we know, will draw more of Ofsted’s attention onto curriculum design and will be investigating how schools achieve their results. There is no shortage of complaints from those in education that feel their curriculum has been decimated by the EBACC and I presume, Ofsted will look at this also. This is against the backdrop that the government have yet to publish their consultation on the EBACC which was due to be released by 2017.

So, we know what to expect and when to expect it, but that’s still 18 months or so away, so what do we in the education sector do in the mean time?  First of all, we have an inspection framework in place and this should continue to be used to judge the effectiveness of schools. In addition to this, we also have the Ofsted Myths Document as a supplementary guidance or FAQ which should also be used alongside the CIF. There is also an abundance of research available, as well as school to school support, whether that is as part of a MAT or not, and notwithstanding that we have highly experienced and talented teachers. So, it is obvious that we have enough to keep us going until the new inspection framework comes into force.

I don’t believe we’re in the moment of ‘quiet before the storm’ and if there is a storm coming, I think we in the education sector are well prepared for it. Since its inception, Ofsted have had a number of changes to its inspection framework and each time, we have (not all) dealt with this so I don’t believe this is something of an unfamiliar phenomenon. However, in dealing with it, we find ourselves experiencing the same or similar emotions when a significant change occurs and has a direct effect on us. So, what do we do?

No matter what stage in your career (or personal life) you find yourself in, you will have undoubtedly experienced some form of change. What I am interested in is how have you dealt with that change? Do you find that you deal with things in the same way, or differently depending on certain factors? For those that have experienced changes in the CIF, what did you do or not do to deal with it?

I am hoping that some of the responses I get will provide some advice and guidance for those experiencing or expecting to deal with a change can do, when the change is inevitable. Hopefully the responses can link back to the new CIF and that Ofsted take this into account when carrying out their inspections.

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  1. Noor

    Great article Wasiq! I hope you get the advice and guidance on this matter.


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